48 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
Balisier 45-PST 1001
Mighty Sparrow Sailor Man / William The Conqueror 45
Balisier 45-PST 1002
Mighty Sparrow The Eye And The Finger / Yankee's Back c. 1957 45
Balisier 45-PST 1003
Lord Melody Rock-n-Roll / Discrimination 1957 45
Balisier 45-PST-1004
Lord Melody, Lord Cristo Jacob / Boo-Boo 45
Balisier 45-PST 1005
Lord Cristo Suez Canal / Shakespearian Quotations 45
Balisier 45-PST 1007
Mighty Spoiler Sleep Walkers / Discovery Day Fete c. 1957 45
Balisier 45-PST 1008
Lord Melody Creature Of The Black Lagoon / Gloria 45
Balisier 45-PST 1009
Lord Cristo King Henry VIII 45
Balisier 45-PST 1012
Johannesburg Fascinators Boo-Boo / Fascinators Theme 45
Balisier 45-PST 1016
Johannesburg Fascinators Love Me Tender / She Pon Top c. 1957 45
Balisier 45-PST 1019
Lord Melody Jonah And The Bake c. 1957 45
Balisier EXJA 101
Mighty Sparrow Calypsoes by The Mighty Sparrow c. 1957 7" EP
Balisier EXJA 102
Lord Melody, Lord Cristo Calypsoes by Lord Melody & Christo c. 1958 7" EP
Balisier EXJA 103
Mighty Spoiler Discovery Day Fete / Sleep Walkers / All Fools Day / Magistrate Try Yourself c. 1958 7" EP
Balisier EXJA 104
Lord Melody, Lord Cristo Creature Of The Black Lagoon / Gloria / Can Can Girls / King Henry VIII c. 1957 7" EP
Balisier EXJA 108
Johannesburg Fascinators Merengue Yo / Jacob / The Great Pretender / Sweet Boy c. 1957 7" EP
Balisier EXJA 109
Lord Melody The Whistler / Englishman's Party / Jonah And The Bake / Man In Dey c. 1957 7" EP
Balisier H8-0H-9575
Mighty Sparrow Barbadians / Princess Margaret / Carnival Boycott / Three Calypsonians 7" EP
Balisier HDF-1003
Lord Melody, Cyril Diaz Calypso Carnival 1958 Vol. 1 1958 LP
Balisier HDF-1005
Mighty Sparrow, Cyril Diaz Calypso Carnival Vol. 2 1958 LP
Balisier HDF-1006
Lord Inventor, Cyril Diaz, King Fighter, … Calypso Carnival 1958 1958 LP
Balisier HDF-1007
Yacht Club Steel Band Calypso in Steel c. 1958 LP
Balisier HDF-1008
Mighty Sparrow This is Sparrow c. 1959 LP
Balisier HDF-1009
Mighty Sparrow Sparrow in Hi-Fi (1959 Calypsos & Songs) 1959 LP
Balisier HDF-1010S
Esso Steel Band Esso Steel Band - Vol. I c. 1959 LP
Balisier HDF-1011
Choy Aming Choy is the Choice LP
Balisier HDF-1012S
Esso Steel Band Esso Steel Band - Vol. II 1960 LP
Balisier HDF-1014
Sel Duncan First on Wax LP
Balisier HDF-1015
Sel Duncan Concert at the Hall c. 1960 LP
Balisier HDF-1016
Watsonian’s Orchestra Your Dance Date LP
Balisier HDF-1017S
Silver Stars Steel Orchestra Silver Stars Steel Band c. 1960 LP
Balisier HDF-1018
Dutchy Brothers, Choy Aming, Des. Durham and Orchestra Calypso Madness Vol. II LP
Balisier HDF-1019
Watap Jack Bright Night LP
Balisier HDF-1020
Watsonian’s Orchestra, Sel Duncan, Choy Aming, … Souvenirs LP
Balisier HDF-1021
Sel Duncan Plays Again LP
Balisier HDF-1026
Monica Ortiz Monica Ortiz Sings! LP
Balisier HDF-1027
Joe “Chet” Sampson Joe “Chet” Sampson’s Guitar and Orchestra c. 1961 LP
Balisier HDF 45-1009
Mighty Sparrow The Gun Slingers / Melody Lie 45
Balisier HDF 45-1009 C/D
Mighty Sparrow Mr. Herbert / Simpson 45
Balisier HDF 45-1024
Joe “Chet” Sampson Chi Chi Merengue / Never On Sunday 45
Balisier HDF 6138
Sel Duncan Peanut Vendor / Dragon 45
Balisier J80W-4070
Mighty Sparrow Russian Satellite / P.A.Y.E. 45
Balisier J8OH-4641
Peter Pitts Grinding Massala / Dance the Calypso / New Philosophy / Green Fowl 7" EP
Balisier J8OW-4068
Mighty Sparrow Teresa / Dorothy 45
Balisier PST 1004
Lord Melody, Lord Cristo Boo-Boo / Jacob 1958 78
Balisier SFT-1001
Various Top Ten Trinidad Calypsoes c. 1957 LP
Balisier SFT-1002
Various Top Ten Trinidad Calypsoes c. 1957 LP
Balisier SFT-1003
Lord Melody, Mighty Sparrow, Young Killer, … Calypso Madness 1957 LP