Calypsography is a discography of calypso, steelband, combo, and soca records, primarily from Trinidad and Tobago.

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Label Artists Title Year Format
Anjac AR-001
The Hawk, Hawk Play-Mas Play-Mas / Jamet Woman 45
Balisier J8OH-4641
Peter Pitts Grinding Massala / Dance the Calypso / New Philosophy / Green Fowl EP
Michelle LPX 01
The Group Solo Hip Hug Her LP
Tropico T7-1078
Rockerfellars Combo Life's Great / Funky Funky Street c. 1968 45
Tropico T7-1039
Johnny Lee & the Hurricanes Theme From Moulin Rouge / Angelitos Negros c. 1968 45
Guardian 45-7000
Mighty Bomber Calypsonians in Hell / Superstition c. 1964 45
Lady Iere, Johnny Gomez, Mighty Spoiler Saga Boys in Town / Women Police 78
Kay CRS 031
Cyril Diaz Mary Pepper Sauce / Tick Tock Merengue 78
Kay CRS 037
Fitz Vaughan Bryan Sweet Chris / Mamgui 78
Kay CRS 036
Fitz Vaughan Bryan, Cecil Fitt Is Fast Ah Fast / Six Ten (Road March) c. 1957 78
RCA LPB-9042
Various Latin Gems LP
Village VL 003
Mighty Power Food For Me / Trinidad Magician 45
RCA 7-2220
Lord Brynner Yvonne / Police Black Sheep c. 1966 45
RCA 7-8003
Lord Caruso Tobago Love / They Come Down By Me 45
RCA 7-2106
Fitz Vaughan Bryan Norman / I'll Be There c. 1962 45
Lord Beginner, Lady Beginner Don't Tickle Me Dorothy / Mix-Up Matrimony 78
Rupert Nurse, Lord Ganda Song of Joy / The Queen Visits Nigeria 78
Rupert Nurse, Lili Verona Caribbean Moon / Big Instrument 78
Ace ACE 1104
Tom Charles & His Syncopaters, Lord Inventor, King Fighter Etanami Is Too Much Fo Me / The Devil Sat Down and Cried 45
Trinity TL-5005
Javan Wells Combo Forget Him / Hang On Sloopy 45