Calypsography is a discography of calypso, steelband, combo, and soca records, primarily from Trinidad and Tobago.

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Label Artists Title Year Format
RCA 7-9044
Cyril Diaz Simpson / Cowboy Melo c. 1960 45
National W-106
Chuck Jackson I Don't Want to Cry / Just Once 1961 45
10th Naval District Steelband New Paths for Steelband 1965 LP
Invaders Steel Orchestra (San Juan) Steel Band in San Juan LP
Showtime NMS 102
Max Nijman Sranang / Endlessly 45
RCA 7-2250
Bert Bailey & The Jets My Brother Your Sister / Que Del 45
Tropico T7-1088
The Sparks World on an Island / I've Got to Explain 45
Cook CC 5877
John “Buddy” Williams The Devil / Terra Secca 45
Cook CC 6071
Bently Wattap Jack Hold Me / Unknown 1961 45
Cook CC 6049
Dewdrops Combo Ansiedad / Juancito Trucupey 1960 45
Michelle M 0012
Bert Bailey & The Jets Hey Jude / Mary in the Morning 45
Tropico T7-1035
Norman "Tex" Williams Twist & Shout Cha Cha / World Without Love 45
Joevan JV-015
Joey Lewis Amalia Batista / Tristeza Marina 45
Trinity TL-5000
Trevor John and His Orchestra Santa Flora / The Good Life 45
RCA 7-2042
Mighty Sparrow Madam Dracula / The Pudding 45
Ed Watson If I Had My Way / On the Beach 45
Showtime NMS 101
Silver Strings Combo Sukiyaki / End of the World 45
Anjac AR-001
The Hawk, Hawk Play-Mas Play-Mas / Jamet Woman 45
Balisier J8OH-4641
Peter Pitts Grinding Massala / Dance the Calypso / New Philosophy / Green Fowl EP
Michelle LPX 01
The Group Solo Hip Hug Her LP