Calypsography is a discography of calypso, steelband, combo, and soca records, primarily from Trinidad and Tobago.

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Recent Additions

Label Artists Title Year Format
Lord Beginner, Lady Beginner Don't Tickle Me Dorothy / Mix-Up Matrimony 78
Rupert Nurse, Lord Ganda Song of Joy / The Queen Visits Nigeria 78
Rupert Nurse, Lili Verona Caribbean Moon / Big Instrument 78
Ace ACE 1104
Tom Charles & His Syncopaters, Lord Inventor, King Fighter Etanami Is Too Much Fo Me / The Devil Sat Down and Cried 45
Trinity TL-5005
Javan Wells Combo Forget Him / Hang On Sloopy 45
Atman ATM-72
Strollers Need Your Lovin / Don’t Let Him Take Your Love 45
Vitadisc TC.52
Eddy Christiani & Orch Sucu Sucu / Banana En Habana 45
Tropico T7-1085
The Rooftoppers Soul Limbo / The Look Of Love 45
Tropico T7-1001
Cyril Diaz Doctor Make Your Love / Police Get More Pay 45
Atman ATM-78
The Fabulous Delltones Meditation / Walk On By 45
Guardian 45-7012
Mighty Bomber Muriel Say So / Unknown 45
Guardian 45-7011
Mighty Bomber Jamaica Woman / A King Of Kings 45
National N.S.P. 120
Jarvo Brothers Abril / One Note Samba 45
National N.S.P. 114
Cassanovas Combo It Might As Well be Spring / Theme From "Sandpiper" 45
Cook 909
The St. Joseph's Convent Girls Choir, Michael Brennan The Beloved Son/Christmas Carols 1958 LP
Cook 908
Albert Kerr , St. Hilary’s Senior Girls Choir , Denis Kerr, … Trinidad Queen’s Hall Concert 1958 LP
RCA 7-2165
Frank Francis Vincentian Calypso King / Dance in Lent c. 1964 45
RCA 7-2159
Lord Melody Rolling Stone / You c. 1964 45
Gold Star GS-1000
Bonaparte Brothers Orchestra I Feel Good / Yesterday 45
Cook CC 5896
Ed Harper Merengue Arima / On My Way Out 1958 45