March of Dimes

10 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
En Cee NC 2650
Bert Inniss, March of Dimes, Nap Hepburn The Tattle Tale / This Years Kisses 45
En Cee NC 2651
March of Dimes, Nap Hepburn Suzie / Lazy River 45
En Cee NC 2652
Marjorie Johnson, Bert Inniss, March of Dimes, … Twisting Time / Neighbour, Neighbour 45
March of Dimes, McClean’s Calypso Kings Polio Must Go, No It Mustn’t Stay / The Green Face Man (Devil in Town So Hush You Mouth) 1953 78
Kay CRS 021
Paul Noreiga, March of Dimes Trinidad, Trinidad / Muraby 1957 78
RCA 7-9009
March of Dimes, Cyril Diaz, Nap Hepburn We Want Back Chaguaramas / Bring That Rhythm in Calypso Beat 1959 45
Cook CC 5926
The Georges Trio, March of Dimes I Want a Hula Hula Girl / Calypso Christmas 1959 45
Cook CC 5931
March of Dimes Savannah Benches / The Bet 1959 45
National N.S.P. 001
Bert Inniss, March of Dimes Slave / Dan is the Man 1963 45
Telco TW 3379
March of Dimes When a Man Loves a Woman / Soul Time 1967 45