A subsidiary of Dial.

7 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
Funland Steel Band Madeleine Oy / You Gotta Jump Up? 1953 78
Mighty Terror, Small Island Pride Hello Joe / Ah Kim (No Beef For Credit) 1953 78
March of Dimes, McClean’s Calypso Kings Polio Must Go, No It Mustn’t Stay / The Green Face Man (Devil in Town So Hush You Mouth) 1953 78
Johannesburg Fascinators Bo Bo Mambo / I Want Coconut Water c. 1953 78
Mighty Panther Female Photographer / Taxi Drivers (Somebody Has a Right to Spit in Their Face) c. 1953 78
Neville Jules Ping Pong Calypso / Steel Drum Mambo c. 1953 78
Mighty Spoiler The Bed Bug / What the Scientist Say (The World of Tomorrow) 78