Joey Lewis’s record label. 37 Leotaud Street, Gonzales Place, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

54 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
Joey Lewis Tema Del Papelon / Under the Coconut Tree 45
Joevan JV-001
Joey Lewis Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring / The Road 45
Joevan JV-002
Clarence Curvan The Surry With The Fringe On Top / Serenade of the Bells 45
Joevan JV-003
Clarence Curvan Be Hold / Calypso Twist 45
Joevan JV-004
Clarence Curvan I Can't Get Used to Losing You / Dance of The Hours 45
Joevan JV-005
Clarence Curvan I Belong to Your Heart / Still Waters Run Deep 45
Joevan JV-006
Joey Lewis Blowin' In The Wind / Yo No Se Que Me Pasa 45
Joevan JV-007
Joey Lewis Watermelon Man / Chaguaramas 45
Joevan JV-008
Clarence Curvan Skaters Waltz / Tropical 45
Joevan JV-009
Clarence Curvan, Kentones Combo The Naughty Little Flea / Heartaches 45
Joevan JV-010
Clarence Curvan Vincentian Calypso King (Ko-Ki-O-Ko) / The Hungry Bajan Man (Wa-La-Wa-La-Wa-Lah) 45
Joevan JV-011
Joey Lewis Joan And James / Steelband Music c. 1964 45
Joevan JV-012
Joey Lewis Desvelo De Amor / Joey's Dance 45
Joevan JV 013
Felix Mata You Make Me Cry / Are You True 1984 45
Joevan JV-013
Joey Lewis That Is It / Charm Cha-Cha 45
Joevan JV-014
Clarence Curvan Jamaica Ska / She Loves Me 45
Joevan JV-015
Joey Lewis Amalia Batista / Tristeza Marina 45
Joevan JV-016
Joey Lewis Get To Hell Out of Here / La Mania De Maniaita 45
Joevan JV-017
Clarence Curvan Exactly Like You / Congo Man 45
Joevan JV-018
Joey Lewis Hold On To Your Man / No Bacchanal For This Carnival c. 1965 45
Joevan JV-020
Jarvo Brothers Softly As In a Morning Sunrise / Teo 45
Joevan JV-021
Jarvo Brothers Ziruma / Michelle 45
Joevan JV-022
Joey Lewis Ten Four / Vilma Jump Up 45
Joevan JV-023
Joey Lewis Pensare / Spanish Flea 45
Joevan JV-024
Joey Lewis Yvonne Smile / I Could Have Danced All Night 45
Joevan JV-025
Joey Lewis Pint O' Wine / Ascot Gavotte 1966 45
Joevan JV-026
Joey Lewis Guantanamera / Governor's Ball 45
Joevan JV-027
Joey Lewis Tobago Lollipop / Ya Ya 45
Joevan JV-028
Joey Lewis Make A Pah / Roberta 45
Joevan JV-029
Joey Lewis Rio Crecido-Los Noveleros / Jala Jala 45
Joevan JV-031
Joey Lewis Guaya / Ride With Me 45
Joevan JV-033
Joey Lewis Leotaud - 21 / Lu Lu's Bang 45
Joevan JV 034
Joey Lewis Slick / Grenadian Claudette 45
Joevan JV-035
Joey Lewis Overture from "Tommy" / One Big Unhappy Family 45
Joevan JV-036
Joey Lewis Little One / Impromptu No. 2 45
Joevan JV-037
Joey Lewis You'll Always Be A Friend / Sampson and Delilah 45
Joevan JV-038
Joey Lewis Debbie / You Make Me Feel Brand New 45
Joevan JV-039
Joey Lewis Sando / Can Give You Anything 45
Joevan JV-040
Joey Lewis Woman Come to Jam / The Main Man 1979 45
Joevan JV-040
Joey Lewis Peanut Vendor / Jenny 1977 45
Joevan JV-041
Joey Lewis O Holy Night / Parang Parang 45
Joevan JVL 011
Joey Lewis Joey’s Prance 1981 LP
Joevan JVL 012
Joey Lewis Stepping Out LP
Joevan JVL 1001
Joey Lewis On Tour LP
Joevan JVL 1002
Joey Lewis On Tour Vol. 2 LP
Joevan JVL 1003
St. Martin's Parish Choir Gonzales The Triumph Of The Cross LP
Joevan JVL 1003
Joey Lewis Child Of The Earth LP
Joevan JVL 1004
Joey Lewis One Of The Boys LP
Joevan JVL 1005
Joey Lewis Plays Yuh Cyar Get LP
Joevan JVL 1006
Joey Lewis Long Live Joey LP
Joevan JVL 1007
Joey Lewis Joey Lewis At The Lions Den LP
Joevan JVL 1008
Joey Lewis Sunshine Music LP
Joevan JVL 1009
Joey Lewis Back To School LP
Joevan JVL 1013
Joey Lewis Dancing Hits In Soca LP