Atman was run by André Tanker (“AT–”) and Herman Hadeed (“–MAN”).

46 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
Atman 53 A & B
The Group Solo You Only Live Twice / Wood In The Fire 45
Atman ATM-157
Mona's Jewel 22 Amazing Grace / Dead Or Alive 1980 12"
Atman ATM-51
Andre Tanker Calypso Soul Food / Fat Mama 45
Atman ATM-52
Andre Tanker Fire in Your Wire / Whiter Shade of Pale 1967 45
Atman ATM-53
The Group Solo You Only Live Twice / Wood in the Fire 45
Atman ATM-55
Venus Plus X Victim of Circumstances / San Francisco 45
Atman ATM-56
The Group Solo Love is Blue / Baila Mama 45
Atman ATM-57
Cassanovas Combo For a Few Dollars More / Groovin' 45
Atman ATM-58
The Group Solo The Good, The Bad & The Ugly / Beware of the Dog 45
Atman ATM-59
Andre Tanker Up, Up, and Away / Ode to Billy Joe 45
Atman ATM-61
Junior Byron, Cassanovas Combo Somewhere / Double or Nothing 45
Atman ATM-62
Junior Byron, Cassanovas Combo Prisoner of Love / (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay 45
Atman ATM-63
The Group Solo Spooky / Tennessee Waltz 45
Atman ATM-64
Esquires Combo Crying in the Chapel / The Impossible Dream 1969 45
Atman ATM-65
Silver Strings Combo Candice / Mas in Brooklyn 1969 45
Atman ATM-66
Ken Charles & The Stereo Tones Scarborough Fair / First Love 1969 45
Atman ATM-67
Rockerfellars Combo Swing Low Sweet Chariot / La La La La 1969 45
Atman ATM-68
Andre Tanker Got a Feeling / Op Pa Op 1969 45
Atman ATM-69
Cassanovas Combo Batucada / Time is Tight 1969 45
Atman ATM-69
Cassanovas Combo Time is Tight / Che Ganga 1969 45
Atman ATM-70
Junior Byron, Cassanovas Combo Sing a Simple Song / By the Time 45
Atman ATM-71
Ken Charles & The Stereo Tones Moontalk / Aquarius 45
Atman ATM-72
Strollers Need Your Lovin / Don’t Let Him Take Your Love 45
Atman ATM-73
The Fabulous Delltones Don’t Let Me Down / Goodbye 45
Atman ATM-74
Cassanovas Combo Feeling Alright Part 1 / Feeling Alright Part 2 45
Atman ATM-75
The Torpedoes The Sun Was Shining / My Little Angel 45
Atman ATM-76
Esquires Now Simple Calypso / Sunday 45
Atman ATM-77
Cassanovas Combo Bongo / Expressway to Your Heart 45
Atman ATM-78
The Fabulous Delltones Meditation / Walk On By 45
Atman ATM-79
Cassanovas Combo Sweeter Than You / I'll Be a Fool Right Now 45
Atman ATM-80
Melina Bascombe, The Torpedoes The Same Coconut Tree / Age is Not Experience 45
Atman ATM-81
The V.I.P.'s Mr. Zodiac / Trouble 3 45
Atman ATM-82
Little Lennox, The Torpedoes Let Me Love You / I'm Just a Little Boy 45
Atman ATM-83
The Fabulous Delltones Lil Red Monkey / C.S.A. Strut 45
Atman ATM-84
Ken Charles & The Stereo Tones Daughter of Darkness / Sam Cuttin 45
Atman ATM-85
The Torpedoes Everyday Will Be Like Christmas / Christmas Tidings 45
Atman ATM-87
The Firesticks Lucy’s Door / Little Girl You’re Crying 45
Atman ATM-88
King Striker Woman Ent Racial / Distressing Curfew 45
Atman ATM-91
David Simpson, Ken Charles & The Stereo Tones Rope / Hurt 45
Atman ATM-92
Musicians Union, Musicians Union Rouso / Severe Licking 45
Atman LP 152
Guinness Cassanovas Rebirth LP
Atman LPS 151
Andre Tanker Afro Blossom West LP
Atman LPS 153
The Luv Sound The Luv Sound Plays the Beginning LP
Atman LPS 154
Caribbean Torpedoes Sweet Louisa LP
Atman LPS 155
Esquires Now The Esquires Now LP
Atman LPS 156
Various Sing Out My Soul LP