Label Dial 401
Title Cavalcade of Calypso
A 1. Mighty Terror (Fitzgerald Henry) Hello Joe
2. Mighty Panther (Vernon Roberts), Mighty Terror (Fitzgerald Henry) Election Song
3. Mighty Growler (Errol Duke) Woman Taxi Driver
4. Lord Wonder (Victor Atwell) Follow Me Children
B 1. Calypso Kings Jump Jump Jump
2. Young Kitchener Immigration Officer
3. Small Island Pride Ah Kim
4. Mighty Dictator (Kenny St Bernard) Honesty Best Policy
Producer Aubrey Christopher
Recorded 1953
Format 10"
Country Recording: Trinidad and Tobago
Pressing: United States of America

Side A: “The ‘Old Brigade’”; Side B: “The ‘Young Brigade.’”

Sources: Zeke Runyon, Dave Maharaj