Label Telco TL 5038
Title Trindad and Tobago All Time Calypso Hits 1969 – 70
A 1. Mighty Duke (Kelvin Pope) Grenada Girl
  • Artist Credit: Mighty Duke
2. Mighty Power (Sonny Francois) Is Sparrow Really Dead
  • Artist Credit: Mighty Power
3. Lord Blakie (Carlton Joseph) Souccouyant
  • Artist Credit: Lord Blakie
4. Richard "Boyie" Lewis Road March Recipe
  • Artist Credit: Richard “Boyie” Lewis & His Orchestra
5. Calypso Princess Bye, Bye Blakie
  • Artist Credit: Calypso Princess
B 1. Lord Companero Children’s Games (Footsie)
  • Artist Credit: Lord Campanero
2. Solid 7 Combo Go Go Calypso
  • Artist Credit: Solid “7” Combo led by Elton Grant
3. Mighty Composer (Fred Mitchell) Child Training
  • Artist Credit: Mighty Composer
4. The Millionaire
5. Mighty Cypher (Dillary Scott) Papers
  • Artist Credit: Mighty Cypher
Recorded 1970
Format LP

Sources: eBay, Dave Maharaj