24 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
Calypso Rhythm Kings, Lord Beginner The Joe Louis Calypso / Trinidad Blues 45
Calypso Rhythm Kings, Lord Beginner Victory Test Match (England v. West Indies, Lords 1950) / Sargeant Brown 78
Louise Bennett Linstead Market (Jamaican Rhumba) / Bongo Man (Jamaican Christmas Song) 78
Lord Kitchener Food From the West Indies 78
Lord Kitchener Saxophone Calypso / Randolph Turpin's Victory Calypso (Turpin vs. Robinson July 1951) 78
Tony Johnson, Caribbean Serenaders Swine Lane Gal / Iron Bar 78
Freddy Grant, Mona Baptiste Tabu / Blendeena (Castillene) 78
Lord Kitchener Africa My Home / My Landlady 78
Russell Henderson, Ricardo Grenada (Land of Spice) / Banana Song — Mento 45
Sterling Bettancourt Ping Pong Lullaby / Ping Pong Samba 78
Lord Beginner, Lady Beginner Don't Tickle Me Dorothy / Mix-Up Matrimony 78
Lord Kitchener If You're Not Black You're White / Old Lady Walk A Mile and A Half 78
Lord Kitchener My Wife Went Away with a Yankee / Marjorie's Flirtation 78
Rosita Rosano, San Juan Rhythm Boys Down in the Indies / Admiral's Daughter 78
Lord Kitchener St. Agnes / Is Trouble 78
Calypso Rhythm Kings, Lord Kitchener Constable Joe / A Man in the Wardrobe, Vio 45
Mighty Terror The Hydrogen Bomb / The Emperor of Africa 78
Rupert Nurse, Lili Verona Caribbean Moon / Big Instrument 78
Lord Kitchener African Girl / Nigerian Registration 78
Rupert Nurse, Lord Ganda Song of Joy / The Queen Visits Nigeria 78
Mighty Terror Man Know Thyself / Give it To Me (Bonweno) 78
Melodisc 45/1475
Mighty Sparrow Clara Honey Bunch / Family Size Cokes 45
Melodisc 45/1652
Cyril Diaz Kingston Merengue / Merengue Balisier 1960 45
Melodisc 45/CAL 1
Lord Beginner Cricket, Lovely Cricket (Victory Test Match Calypso) 45