Humming Bird

Humming Bird was a label started by Nelson Caton, different than the earlier Humming Bird label run by Renico Simmons.

12 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
Humming Bird LP NC-369
Prince Valiant Sings On A Calypso Cruise LP
Nap Hepburn Oh' John, Why John? / Sweet Mouth Peter 1978 45
Humming Bird NC 0690
Ann Marie Inniss Love In Pain / You Never Ever Kiss Me 1974 45
Humming Bird NC 2261
Singing Francine, Prince Valiant Benji / The Pill c. 1974 45
Humming Bird NC 2640
Cito Fermin Dark Eyes / He'll Have To Go 45
Humming Bird NC 2646
Dutchy Brothers Let's Fall in Love / Cheek to Cheek 45
Humming Bird NC 2647
Dutchy Brothers Rhythm in E Flat / Full Moon and Empty Arms 45
Humming Bird NC 2655
Nap Hepburn For The Sake of Love / Cheek to Cheek 1962 45
Humming Bird NC 2660
Prince Valiant The Now Generation / Calypso Ambition c. 1974 45
Regeneration Now Parables Of Love / The Nelson Rock 1980 12"
Prince Valiant, Art DeCoteau Don't Spoil This Country (Road March) / My Rosalie 45
Lord Brynner Funky Carnival / Heroes Of The Regiment 45