35 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
Balisier 45-PST 1001
Mighty Sparrow Sailor Man / William The Conqueror 45
Balisier 45-PST 1003
Lord Melody Rock-n-Roll / Discrimination 1957 45
Balisier 45-PST-1004
Lord Melody, Lord Christo Jacob / Boo-Boo 45
Balisier 45-PST 1008
Lord Melody Creature Of The Black Lagoon / Gloria 45
Balisier 45-PST 1012
Johannesburg Fascinators Boo-Boo / Fascinators Theme 45
Balisier EXJA 101
Mighty Sparrow Calypsoes by The Mighty Sparrow c. 1957 EP
Balisier EXJA 102
Lord Melody, Lord Christo Calypsoes by Lord Melody & Christo c. 1958 EP
Balisier H8-0H-9575
Mighty Sparrow Barbadians / Princess Margaret / Carnival Boycott / Three Calypsonians EP
Balisier HDF-1003
Lord Melody, Cyril Diaz Calypso Carnival 1958 Vol. 1 1958 LP
Balisier HDF-1005
Mighty Sparrow, Cyril Diaz Calypso Carnival Vol. 2 1958 LP
Balisier HDF-1006
Lord Inventor, Cyril Diaz, King Fighter, … Calypso Carnival 1958 1958 LP
Balisier HDF-1007
Yacht Club Steel Band Calypso in Steel c. 1958 LP
Balisier HDF-1008
Mighty Sparrow This is Sparrow c. 1959 LP
Balisier HDF-1009
Mighty Sparrow Sparrow in Hi-Fi (1959 Calypsos & Songs) 1959 LP
Balisier HDF-1010S
Esso Steel Band Esso Steel Band - Vol. I c. 1959 LP
Balisier HDF-1011
Choy Aming Choy is the Choice LP
Balisier HDF-1012S
Esso Steel Band Esso Steel Band - Vol. II 1960 LP
Balisier HDF-1014
Sel Duncan First on Wax LP
Balisier HDF-1015
Sel Duncan Concert at the Hall c. 1960 LP
Balisier HDF-1016
Watsonian’s Orchestra Your Dance Date LP
Balisier HDF-1017S
Silver Stars Steel Orchestra Silver Stars Steel Band c. 1960 LP
Balisier HDF-1018
Des. Durham and Orchestra, Choy Aming, Dutchy Brothers Calypso Madness Vol. II LP
Balisier HDF-1019
Watap Jack Bright Night LP
Balisier HDF-1020
Watsonian’s Orchestra, Watap Jack, Sel Duncan, … Souvenirs LP
Balisier HDF-1021
Sel Duncan Plays Again LP
Balisier HDF-1026
Monica Ortiz Monica Ortiz Sings! LP
Balisier HDF-1027
Joe Chet Simpson Joe “Chet” Sampson’s Guitar and Orchestra c. 1961 LP
Balisier HDF 45-1009
Mighty Sparrow The Gun Slingers / Melody Lie 45
Balisier HDF 45-1009 C/D
Mighty Sparrow Mr. Herbert / Simpson 45
Balisier J80W-4070
Mighty Sparrow Russian Satellite / P.A.Y.E. 45
Balisier J8OW-4068
Mighty Sparrow Teresa / Dorothy 45
Balisier PST 1004
Lord Melody, Lord Christo Boo-Boo / Jacob 1958 78
Balisier SFT-1001
Various Top Ten Trinidad Calypsoes c. 1957 LP
Balisier SFT-1002
Various Top Ten Trinidad Calypsoes c. 1957 LP
Balisier SFT-1003
Lord Melody, Mighty Sparrow, Young Killer, … Calypso Madness 1957 LP