Calypsography is a discography of calypso, steelband, combo, and soca records, primarily from Trinidad and Tobago.

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Recent Additions

Label Artists Title Year Format
Tropico T7-1099
The Sparks Burning Fire / Whispering Bells 45
Tropico T7-1053
Ron Berridge Music to Watch Girls By / Penny Lane 1968 45
Tropico T7-1049
Power Destructive Children / The Sailor 1968 45
Tropico T7-1062
King Fighter I Will Do / Virgin Island Girls 1968 45
Tropico T7-1061
King Fighter Me Go Tell Grannie / Baytee 1968 45
Tropico T7-1036
Power Miss Lucy / She From Sangre Grande 1968 45
Tropico T7-1034
Mighty Bomber Brave Dead Men / My Roseanna 1968 45
Tropico T7-1002
Striker Sanitation / The Lady and the Undie 1968 45
Tropico T7-2277
The Silver Strings Clara (Castillian) / Mexican Pearls 45
Tropico T7-1137
Tokyo Steel Orchestra My Connie / Walk 100 Miles 45
Tropico T7-1132
The Venezuelan Group Fuego Ai Canon / Un Feliz Ano Pa Ti 45
Tropico T7-1129
Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra Trouble in ’72 / Town Say (Hot Pants) 45
Tropico T7-1126
Our Boys Steel Orchestra Steelband Panorama / Rope 45
Tropico T7-1124
Steve Mathis, The Reflections Around Christmas Time / Calypso Strut 45
Tropico T7-1123
Lord Creator Merry Christmas to You / Christmas Time is Near 1968 45
Tropico T7-1122
Lara Brothers Parang Group Deme Tu Corona y Tengala Mia / Cuando Coronado El Eco De Maria 45
Tropico T7-1120
Las Estrellas, Hamilton School of Music Standing in the need of prayer / Samba Pa Ti 45
Tropico T7-1119
Mighty Duke The Imitators / If 45
Tropico T7-1115
Merry Makers Steel Orchestra You’re No Good / (unknown) 45
Tropico T7-1112
Mighty Duke Mathematical Formula for Peace / Black Power in Trinidad 45