The Sparks

9 records.

Label Artists Title Year Format
Guardian GSI-7004
Lancelot Layne, The Sparks Carnival Calypso Hits LP
Lancelot Layne, The Sparks Umbawa / Bringin’ Off 45
Mansa Musa Drummers, Lancelot Layne, The Sparks Who Could Help Me / Make Life Easy On Me 45
Tropico T7-1087
The Sparks Mister Postman / Something Is Wrong With Me 45
Tropico T7-1099
The Sparks Burning Fire / Whispering Bells 45
Unity U-002
The Sparks Choko / We Mas' 45
Tropico T7-1074
The Sparks You Can't Lose (Something You Never Had) 1968 45
The Sparks Don't Climb Picker Tree / Help Me 1973 45
Village VL 025
The Sparks, Gemini Brass We Got to Be Together / ? 1973 45