Label Cook 950
Title Dance Party
Artists Cyril Diaz
Artist Credit Cyril Diaz and the Cook Recording Orchestra
A 1. Sweet Senorita
2. Joseph
3. Happy Birthday
4. Anniversary Song
5. The Loveliest Night in the Year
6. Sucu Sucu
7. Michita
8. Chippi-Chippi
B 1. Fowl Thief
2. Blue Hawaii
3. Heavy Duce
4. Tu Wa Wa
5. Come September
6. Now is the Hour
7. Goodnight Sweetheart
8. Goodnight My Love
Recorded September 1962
Format LP
Country Recording: Trinidad and Tobago

Cyril Diaz, born 9th June 1914 in Maraval Village, started playing the Guitar at the age of seven, then Clarinet for the First Maraval Scout Troop Band. Next he mastered the Tenor Banjo, and it is from the Banjo days that he got very popular with the famous musicians of Trinidad. He then learned the Saxophone, Alto first then Tenor; inspired by Coleman Hawkins he produces that rich, smooth and professional tone that only Cyril can produce.

He played with J.B. Williams, Al Thimothy, B. McLean, E. Paynes, Moderners Bands. He was then selected for the All Stars Band that toured England after World War II, but was just married so he did not go. Again he played with Roy Rollock, Desmond and Tom Durham’s bands.

There was no other band for him to play with to get more experience, so he went on his own. He started his band with eight pieces and was very successful; his versatility brought him on more than 12 L.Ps with various recording Companies. His most famous tunes are “Tabu” and “You’ll never walk alone”, though he specialises in Folk Tunes. He always takes time off to prepare music to please the Nation; he took time, tast and pride to prepare for your party dates his most fabulous record. . . .

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