Label Tropico TSI-2041
Title El Parang Vol II
Artists Moonlight Serenaders
Artist Credit The Moonlight Serenaders
A 1. Neavo
  • Composer: E. Brito
2. Yavaranca
  • Composer: E. Brito
3. Aguinaldo Pajaro
  • Composer: E. Brito
4. Borancho Y Ordenado (Drunk and Disorderly)
  • Composer: Slinger Francisco — E. Brito
5. Paloma
  • Composer: E. Brito
B 1. La Castillianeo
  • Composer: E. Brito
2. Gabelang
  • Composer: E. Brito
3. Aguinaldo De Recha
  • Composer: E. Brito
4. Savana Blanca
  • Composer: E. Brito
5. El Grande
  • Composer: E. Brito & F. Torrealba
Recorded c. 1972
Format LP
Country Recording: Trinidad and Tobago

The Moonlight Serenaders have done it again. They have produced another long playing record with the type of quality that make them famous in the world of Parang Music. In this album you will hear selections composed, arranged and sung by the versatile Eleiro Brito, leader of the band

Parang Music in Trinidad was once played only in the Country Districts at Christmas time, namely Paria, Arima, Sangre Grande, Palo Seco, Lopino etc, but today Parang Music is played through the year all over the island. In this album you will hear the 1972 Road March, Drunk and Disorderly in Parang Style, beautifully put to you by the One and Only Moonlight Serenaders.

Sources: Zeke Runyon, Dave Maharaj