Label Dial 403
Title Shango
Artists Various, Popo Arindell
Artist Credit Popo Arindell with Yaruba Drummers, and Olive, Job and Mangua
A 1. Talking Drums
B 1. Shango Ceremonial Songs: Mo-Nee-Ah Mo-Nee-Ah
2. Shango Ceremonial Songs: Cooma-Chey-Wo-Leh
3. Hoo-Yey-Yey
Recorded 1953
Format 10" LP
Country Recording: Trinidad and Tobago
Pressing: United States of America

Side A details: “Shango – Glorification of Saints – Food Sacrifices – Drum Signatures: Rada, Congo – Shango and Voodoo – Manifestation of Saints – Owser People – Animal Sacrifices – Taboo on Salt and Pepper – Jungle Telegraph – Talking Drums – Summons and Response: Yaruba, Ochanda, Congo – Congress of Villages – Tribal Song: Bah Bah Tee Mandeh”.

From the notes: “The shango cult people who are heard here are city people who live on the Quarry Hill, on the east side of Port of Spain, and who go to the near-by countryside to practice their religion. Job and the three percussionists are employed in the local abbatoir, while Olive sells limes on Picadilly street near the market. The recording date is fortunate in the participation of Popo Arindell, who plays guitar in a seaman’s bar in Port of Spain for his living, but is a shango man with a profound interest in religion, magic, music, dance, and of course shango, which combines all elements.”

Source: Zeke Runyon