Label Whole Tone RB-101
Title The ‘A’ Train
Artists Ron Berridge
Artist Credit Ron Berridge and Orchestra
A 1. Take the A Train
  • Composer: Duke Ellington
2. Merci Cherie
  • Composer: Jurgens-Horbiger-Cavendish
3. Soul Bossa Nova
  • Composer: Quincy Jones
4. What’s New
  • Composer: Haggart-Burke
5. El Cable
  • Composer: Mario Carniello
B 1. Blue Pearl
  • Composer: Gil Lopez
2. Michelle
  • Composer: Lennon McCartney
3. Other People
  • Composer: Dicks-Rudge
4. Please
  • Composer: Rainger-Robin
5. An American in Paris
  • Composer: George Gershwin
Recorded 1966
Format LP
Country Recording: Trinidad and Tobago
Matrix A: RB-1-1M

“A Production of the Ron Berridge Orch. Tdad W.I.”

Recorded at Caribbean Sound Studio. Engineer: Max Serrao. Manufactured by Telco Record.

Lead Trumpet — Ron Berridge
Second Trumpet & Solo — Clem Berridge
Trombone — Neville Oxley
Tenor Sax & Flute — Joe Alexander
Alto/Tenor — Roy Cape
Organ — Ulric Sobian
Bass — Conrad Little
Guitar — Cyp. Sargeant
Drums — Mike Tobias
Congas — Terry Moe
Percussion — Ken Sylvester, Ken Hunt

Sources: Zeke Runyon, Dave Maharaj