Label Guardian GSI-7004
Title Carnival Calypso Hits
Artists Lancelot Layne, The Sparks
Artist Credit Lance Layne Group and the Sparks
A 1. Wum Pum
  • Composer: Slinger Francisco
2. After Carnival
  • Composer: Dave Martins
3. Trouble Now in '72
  • Composer: Winston Bailey
4. The Third World
  • Composer: E. Philip
5. Mr. Honky
  • Composer: Aldwin Roberts
B 1. Pan in Tune
  • Composer: Fitzgerald Henry
2. Drunk and Disorderly
  • Composer: Slinger Francisco
3. Stephanie
  • Composer: Kelvin Pope
4. Mysterious Letter
  • Composer: Aldwin Roberts
5. Fusion: Mrs. Harryman, Rope, Toronto Mas, Town Say (Hot Pants)
Format LP
Country Recording: Trinidad and Tobago

"Full Musical Production by: Lancelot Layne"

Sources: Shawn Randoo, Dave Maharaj