Label Kay R 45/500
A Cyril Diaz Shake U Pam-Pa-Lan
  • Composer: C. Diaz
B Fitz Vaughan Bryan Tan-Tan
  • Composer: V. Bryan
Recorded c. 1957
Format 45
Country Recording: Trinidad and Tobago
Pressing: United Kingdom

According to Rocky McCollin (1986) this isn't actually the Fitz Vaughan Bryan band. It was a pick-up side with Les (Scipio) Sargeant on guitar. Aubrey "Bolo" Christopher decided to just put "V. Bryan Orchestra" on the label. It was later reissued several times on Kay, Hildrina, and Strakers, all incorrectly credited to "Fitz Vaughan Bryan Orch."

Sources: 45cat, Dave Maharaj